About the album...

Our highly anticipated eponymous third album will be released digitally, on vinyl and CD via Magnaphone Records on May 11, 2024.

The album was self-recorded during the 2020 pandemic due to travel and safety restrictions. We were hunkered down like rats in a cage; but, creating this work was the cheese that got us through....

Lyrically, the album leads the listener on a voyage of empathetic sadness, sanity questioning, and disgruntlement with a polarized society amidst the socio-political chaos of the 2020's. Fortunately, listeners are able to escape earth to a kinder, safer realm with the closing track, as earthlings say goodbye to this "Greenhouse" in search of a new vessel for the spirit.

Sonically, the album features a variety of genres from psych rock to chill, fuzzy jazz, subtle bluesy solos, and heavy riffs referencing influencers from the 60's and 70's. This stripped-down, no-nonsense, trio-based approach is sure to hit a variety of emotions. We hope you enjoy the journey. Travel until you're born.

Third album coming soon! Here is a preview of the album's closing track, Greenhouse. We hope you enjoy.

Accolades, Critical Acclaim, and Flattery

Indeed, with the addition of bassist Matt Szafranski and hundreds of shows since their debut album, the band has amassed an impressively loyal following and fostered a cohesive sound that continues to blow minds. That sound is captured here on their unfaltering second album, recorded to tape at Reel Love Recording with producer/engineer Patrick Himes. It’s bigger, heavier and headier this time around, but rooted in the same fuzz~centric, blues tinged, song~oriented rock and roll that won fans over to begin with. Check your ego at the door, tune in to The Transfiguration of Salvadore Ross and join the band on a journey to find compassion. Remember to let it flow and please enjoy the ride.” - Tais

13th Tais Awards 2020 Nominated Album

The most tasteful blend of experimental jam and psychedelic riffs I've heard since some of the classics. 'The Transfiguration of Salvadore Ross' is a total masterpiece. Filled to the brim with heartfelt emotion and its everything a rock album should be. The tension in the riffs can be felt to the core as the album weaves in and out of couch melting guitars and spacey vocal melodies rivaling the tones of the universe. Just when you've completely been overwhelmed with mind altering emotions, the tight attack from a fuzzed out diesel train will smack you from behind. Somehow these guys have captured the hypnotic journey of their live shows and put it on 12" vinyl. Join the experience!” - Jeremy


This album passes the timeless test of “Can it be listened to from start to finish?” As any good album should, it takes you up before bringing you back down. It twists your mind in a knot before untangling it back to a clear and focused state. It is beautiful and sentimental, but powerful and overwhelming. And as any good rock and roll album should, it breaks the right rules when the music calls for it. It has been said a band’s sophomore album is what makes or breaks their career. They’ve already established themselves and found their sound, and the second album really shows fans where they will go next. In the case of The Transfiguration of Salvadore Ross, keep your eyes on these guys. This album is going to take them places and it will be exciting to watch the band evolve from here.” - Michael Stegner

Dayton Local Music Review